Friday, 3 April 2015


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Taking The Fall (Volume 1) by Alexa Riley

What a great start!

Volume one is the first five chapters of Taking The Fall by Alexa Riley. This story is about Layla a sweet and innocent young girl who has been through some unknown tragic circumstance she cannot remember.  Four years earlier Layla ran away from her father after her mother went missing and her bodyguard Carter was thrown in jail.

Layla has been in love with Carter for years and the reader soon learns that Carter's feelings are mutual. The day he gets out of prison he goes straight to Layla whom he has secretly kept tabs on over the years.

Even though this book is about the love story between Layla and Carter we are also left in suspense over the mystery of what happened the night Layla's mother disappeared and Carter went to jail.

I am a huge fan of Alexa Riley and her writing style even though her stories are a little too controversial for some readers. I feel she definitely has what it takes to become a truly successful author as her books appear to get better and better. I cannot wait for the next volume in taking the fall to see what happens next to these amazing characters.