Saturday, 10 October 2015

Silent Circle (The Witches Circle #1) by Cassandra Larsen

“Most teens get a car for their seventeenth birthday. Me? I get inducted into a freaky coven of witches.” 

When Emerson wakes up on her seventeenth birthday, she has no idea that her life will change forever. After her mother’s inexplicable suicide three years ago, she’s gotten used to the scorn and sideways looks of her classmates. She knows that everyone believes her mother was crazy, and that it’s only a matter of time before Emerson cracks herself. So when Emerson starts seeing auras and hearing voices, she begins to think that the rest of the town may be right. 

That is, until Caiden, an enigmatic boy from her class, tells her that she’s a witch, just like her mother. With the truth revealed, a whole new world opens up to Emerson, a world she soon discovers holds its own dangers. 

Caiden agrees to help Emerson navigate this secret world, training her to control her newfound abilities. But Caiden isn’t the only witch in town. When a rival coven shows up to recruit Emerson, she has to decide whether to join Caiden’s coven, or risk facing these dangerous witches alone. 

Silent Circle is the first novel in the young adult urban fantasy series, The Witches Circle.

I received a copy of Silent Circle in exchange for an honest review.
I Loved this book. It was a fantastic start to a paranormal Young Adult romance. You were thrown into a new world where magic exists and Larsen did a wonderful job of explaining the new rules Emerson found herself living by. The Silent Circle is part of a series and even though a lot of action took place in this book you are still left with a ton of questions left unanswered. 

Emerson is a great heroine. She is strong and intelligent and even though she's been through a lot of heartbreak in her life she still holds her head up high and tackles all her problems without a moments hesitation. I find it interesting that she actually has a a boyfriend in this book even though i am shipping a bit of Emerson and Caiden romance. Emerson's life turns upside down and explodes in a matter of days yet I love how Larsen hasn't rushed changes in Emerson's personal life. 

The Silent Circle has a little bit of everything Romance, action and so much magic Harry Potter should be jealous. It is a truly captivating start to a series that holds a lot of promise.

I can't wait for the next book in the series as it looks like it's going to be amazing.

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