Sunday, 11 October 2015

Base Instincts A Demonica Story by Larissa Ione

As a Seminus demon, Raze’s life literally depends on having sex with females. The problem is that he doesn’t desire females, and it’s physically impossible for him to be with males. Thankfully, he and his best friend, Fayle, have an arrangement that keeps him alive . . . if lonely. He finds some solace in his work as a medic at Thirst, a vampire club known for its rough clientele. But his carefully structured world turns upside down when he meets a mysterious male who makes him want what he can never have.
Slake is an assassin used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Raze. But he also wants to earn back the soul he sold when he was a much different demon. All he has to do is capture a runaway succubus named Fayle and hand her over to her family. What he doesn’t count on is being caught himself by a web of lies—and his attraction to Raze.
Raze and Slake must navigate a dangerous world to be together. But as Fayle’s jealousy of their relationship turns deadly, they find themselves embroiled in a battle not only for their love, but their lives and souls.

I received a copy of Base Instincts by Larissa Ione in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely adored this book as i have every other Larissa Ione novel. The difference with this one was that it was a M/M romance and i find that Ione has written Slake and Raze's story perfectly. Base Instincts is full of action, romance and hot scenes that scorched the pages of my kindle. 

This book was truly phenomenal, every character was complex and felt completely real leaving me wholeheartedly invested in every word of this book. As well as some extraordinary new characters you also get to see some of the other characters from previous books. I especially did a little happy dance when we got to see the hospital and my favourite band of paranormal brothers again. 

Raze is such a heartbreaking character as you read what he has had to endure because of his species and you constantly wish for only good things to happen for him. Slake is his perfect equal doing anything to keep Raze safe and going all alpha male when anyone hurts him.

I can't even begin to find the words to tell you how breathtaking this book really is and I hope you get a copy as soon as you can. 

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