Saturday, 17 October 2015

Taking What's Wicked by Alexa Riley

On Halloween you're supposed to dress up and have some naughty fun, but Sabrina's costume has invited more wickedness than she expected. The guy at the bar seemed so nice, until he got her out in the alley behind the bar and his friend joins in. That's when she knew there was no escape.

Dante and Porter have been watching the little witch at the bar all night. They've decided to make her their toy for the evening, but she has no idea. They've been waiting for this moment, and now’s their chance.

This Halloween ménage is packed with filthy goodness and dark desire. Hold on to your broomsticks, and enjoy the ride!


I received a Copy of Taking What's Wicked by Alexa Riley in exchange for an honest review.
I adore Alexa Riley her books are just that little bit of sunshine you need on a rainy day. If you're from the UK like me then that means you need an Alexa Riley book every day. 
Taking whats wicked is the perfect book for this halloween filled with smut, joy and it is a book that will leave you blushing like a school girl. 

Riley has a unique style of writing where even though she is writing novellas you instantly connect with the characters. Her heroines and heroes always seem to have their own independent personalities and you are always left wanting more. 

I won't spoil any of the plot for this book but I always love how Riley ends this series. It's such a clever and inventive way to finish a book. This is a definite must read and so are the rest of Alexa Riley's books.

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