Thursday, 21 January 2016

Blinded by the Darkness by J.A. Essen

Mason Pryce has it all. Twenty-nine years old with a massively successful business, loving family, expensive toys and close friends. There is nothing he wants for… Except for the next exclusive ‘auction.’

Due to his “unique” desires, Mason has never had any luck keeping a real girlfriend, but it doesn't really bother him since there are other, darker ways to deal. Deep pockets make buying anything possible… Or ANYONE.

Thanks to bad decisions and self-destructive behaviors, real love seems to be the one thing Mason will never have. Or will those things finally work in his favor?

One night of trying to do too much on his own sets a series of domino-fall actions into effect that will forever change Mason’s life.

(*HEA, BDSM, 18+ Audience*)


I received a copy of Blinded by the Darkness by J.A. Essen in exchange for an honest review.

Blinded by the Darkness is scorchingly hot. The hero if you can call him one is seriously twisted and has a lot of kinks going on. This is a true Dominant, Submissive book with an achingly wonderful romance scattered throughout. I wasn't sure what I was going to make of Mason Pryce, because normally I don't like to actually cheer for the man who owns sex slaves. However, there is something about J.A. Essen"s writing that allows you to look deeply into Mason's mind and find how he rationalises his actions. 
I loved Jade. She was a sex slave but she wasn't a victim. She was strong, fierce and submissive all at the same time, she really is the perfect match for Mason. 
Equally I hated Caroline, like actually loathed the woman and could have definitely done without her. I also wish the book was longer, but that is probably just my greed talking. I definitely recommend this book and look forward to Future releases by J.A. Essen.

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