Friday, 8 January 2016

At Peace (War Trilogy #3) by Andria Large

I messed up…

Big time. 

Don’t think that I don’t know this. I’m sure you probably all hate me right now, but I did what I thought I needed to do to try and salvage what is left of my family. 

Will I lose Dennis forever because of my own stupidity? God, I hope not. 

I will try my damnedest to make this up to him, even if that means begging on my hands and knees. He is it for me…my forever, and I will do whatever it takes to prove it to him. 

Now, if I could just get him to talk to me…

*This is the final book in The War Trilogy! This is not a cliffhanger! I repeat, this is NOT A CLIFFHANGER!

***Warning: You know the drill! For mature audiences only. Contains some graphic m/m sex scenes. Please remember that this is a work of fiction and comes from my own imagination.


I received a copy of At Peace by Andria Large in exchange for an honest review.
This final book in the war trilogy is absolute perfection! The second book left on one of the biggest cliffhangers I read in 2015 and I am so relived with how At Peace felt with the issues left at the end of War Torn. There is romance and drama but just the right amount. After everything these two men have been through i'm so happy to see that this book is really the next step in their relationship.
Dennis and Tucker are one of the best couples I have ever read and I am so blissfully happy with how this series ended. The maturity they show and the love they share when facing difficulties is beautiful. I do wish we found out what happened with Tucker's brother Rhys but otherwise this book was sheer perfection. There is the most amazing epilogue that could have probably been an entire book itself, but i loved how it was kept short and sweet. I can't say enough wonderful things about Andria Large and this sensational book. 

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