Monday, 30 March 2015

When I Fall by J. Daniels

The Alabama boys strike again and this time it's the turn of manwhore Reed.

Throughout this series I have always had a soft spot for Reed and have diligently waited for his story to be told. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. Reed, no matter how hard he tries can't help himself from falling for the completely charming and vulnerable Beth. Beth is such as sweetheart even though she has has a hard and difficult life, being raised by a crack addict mother and then finding herself in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. However, she is strong enough to open herself up to love and hold on tight when she meets the enigmatic playboy Reed.

“I’m still clinging to him like we’re on the Titanic and that bitch is sinking fast, and he’s holding onto me like he wants on that door that we all know would’ve fit more than one person.” 

As much as Reed wants to run away from the way he feels about Beth he finds himself in a difficult position where he has to pretend Beth is his girlfriend when his ex comes back into town.  Although Reed fears love I don't think there is a person alive who wouldn't fall for Beth's charm, personality and amazing shoes. I think i would possibly give a limb for Beth's shoes, especially after seeing Reed's reaction to them.

"Maybe she knows i've pictured her in those boots while I live out my dirtiest fantasies, and that's why she's wearing them. Maybe she's trying to kill me slowly. What a fucking way to go though." 

It's very rare that an author will get the development of a relationship as perfectly as J. Daniels has done in When I fall, with it's creative banter and realistic circumstances i can not wait for the next instalment in the Alabama Summer series.

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