Sunday, 27 September 2015

ARC Line of Fire by Helenkay Dimon

With his military career over and his ego bruised, Jason McAdams is ready to start over. As a founding partner in Greenway Range, his new life is everything he'd ever dared to dream about, but it also puts him in constant contact with the one woman he can't have: his best friend's little sister.
Molly Cain has loved Jason for as long as she can remember, and seeing him now—damaged and self-destructive—is a constant heartache. Watching him numbly work his way through woman after woman is damn near intolerable. Until one summer night changes everything.
After a rocky start, the sex is hot and naughty and all Molly knew it would be. And when he makes another pass at her, Molly doesn't say no. Or the many times after that, either. But Jason carries a secret—one that's kept him away from Molly for all these years, one that could ruin everything. He's been shot at and seen death, but letting the woman he loves find out the truth is the real worst-case scenario…

I loved this book. There isn't a lot of action and dramatic events throughout the book but there is a strong emphasis on working towards letting go of your guilt and moving on with your life. Line of Fire focuses on allowing yourself to have a second chance in life and making yourself a better person so you can be the person you want to be in a relationship and in life. There are a lot of touching subjects and just because there are no exes showing up or murder plots doesn't mean this book is boring. Here we are shown a different side to a romance book. We are shown what happens after all the drama and how two people who have always loved each other have to work through their personal demons in order for them to be together. I found this book completely refreshing and would love to read what happens next in the series.

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