Monday, 14 December 2015

HARD TO FORGET by Bella Jewel

Delaney, a professional bodyguard, has spent years trying to prove herself in a male dominated industry. Now she's facing her greatest challenge yet. 
Bad boy billionaire Jax Shields has made plenty of enemies on his climb to the top, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time has put his life at risk. Now he's putting his life in the hands of Delaney and her team. He demands the best in everything, and he doesn't think she has what it takes to protect him. He's also made it clear he'd rather have her on her back then covering his. Will Delaney be able to prove herself to the most arrogant—and devastatingly handsome—man she's ever met? 
**Hard To Forget is a full-length standalone romance with a HEA**
I received a copy of Hard to Forget by Bella Jewel in exchange for an honest review. 
I absolutely loved this book. I was completely enthralled with this beautiful romance and the relationship between Delaney and Jax. What Bella Jewel perfected was the balance between the amount of drama and romance. Sometimes in this genre there can be so much action happening that you feel you lost out on the love scenes. However, that is not the case with Hard to Forget. I completely fell in love with the characters and they were all individual and felt so real it was amazing to read. I will give a small warning that the hero does sleep with other women after meeting the heroine, although, there is no cheating involved and there is no way that should deter you from reading this fantastic book. 
Delaney is the most perfect heroine. She is strong, independent, smart and sassy. She is not willing to beg for anything and she really brings the best out in Jax. She really is a fighter and i couldn't help but admire her bravery and her devotion to her job and to the people she loves. 
This really is a perfect book in the New Adult genre and I hope we get to have another glimpse of the characters in the future. Either in their own book or as secondary characters in someone else book.

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