Thursday, 17 December 2015

Just a Bit Confusing (Straight Guys #5)

Best friends, inseparable since childhood, one in love with the other, the other straight and in love with a woman.
Stories like this don’t have a happy ending; James Grayson knows it. He puts on a smile, he laughs, he jokes, and he pretends he’s fine when Ryan kisses his girlfriend in front of him—until he can’t.
Except nothing is easy and letting go turns out to be much harder than one might think. Some bonds are too strong to be broken, even for a straight man. And sometimes love and desire can have different faces and layers.

A story of two men trying to function without each other and failing.

Warning: This novel contains explicit M/M content, rough sex, drunk sex, and graphic language.

I received a copy of Just a bit Confusing in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely adore Alessandra Hazard and her Straight Guys series. James and Ryan's story is so beautiful and wonderfully written. There is something so breathtaking about reading a book where you can really feel how much two people love each other, regardless of their gender or what the perceive their sexual orientation to be. You can really feel the struggle and the pain that these characters go through and i love how you get to see more of the characters from the past books. 
I find so much joy in reading a story where the character doesn't just turn gay. For Ryan he really struggles with his feelings for Jamie but he is so loyal and adoring that he is willing to work through all their problems. Then there is Jamie himself. My heart bleeds for this amazing boy all the way through this book. He's a good person and when he loves he loves completely.
I  cannot wait for the next book it looks like it's going to be another stunning adventure and i wholeheartedly recommend this book series to all romance readers.

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