Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Broken Surrender (Surrender Series Book 4) by Lori King

One bullet made it physically impossible for Sarah Bryant to fulfill her dreams of a military career. With her family’s sympathy suffocating her, she escapes to Stone River, Texas, determined to rebuild a life and maybe find a new dream. 

Silas and Jeremy are two brothers who are as different as Texas is big. One is an adrenaline fueled former Army medic, the other is a laid back tow truck business owner. The two things they have in common? They know they want to live life in a ménage relationship, and Sarah is the woman for them. 

Sarah has too many doubts about herself to believe she can be enough for one man let alone two. Can these souls find what they need to grow together, or will they leave more emotional scars to match their physical ones? 

This Veteran's Day, find home in the heart of our heroes with Broken Surrender, part of the Red Hot Heroes multi-author series and stands alone for reading enjoyment. 


I received a copy of Broken Surrender by Lori King in exchange for an honest review.

I adore Lori King and her Surrender Series. I think the premises for her books are so unique and well written that i can never put one of her books down. I really loved me some  I  Silas and Jeremy. They are the living embodiment of an Alpha Male. They are strong, hard working and always put the people they love first. If I could make any literary character come to life i would certainly obtain them from Broken Surrender. 

I also found myself completely engrossed in Sarah's transformation. She was such a wonderful and likeable character that you can completely understand how she manages to entrance these two amazing gentlemen. Broken Surrender is breathtaking, Hot, and mixes romance and action perfectly. A MUST READ most definitely!

I really do recommend this book to all romance readers as the relationships in Broken Surrender are so beautiful it would be a shame if you missed out.

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