Monday, 30 November 2015

Fractured (The ARC, #3) by Alexandra Moody

Elle Winters should never have escaped the ARC, but when she wakes up in a hospital bed she’s unable to remember why. Her memories are gone and she has no idea how she came to be connected to a drip in a windowless, white room that’s hauntingly familiar.
The doctors say she is sick, and that they are her only chance at survival. But can she trust them when their treatments don’t seem to be fixing her at all? Will this place break her before she uncovers the truth, or will it make her stronger than she's ever been?


I received a copy of Fractured by Alexandra Moody in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely adore Alexandra Moody and her ARC series. Elle is exactly what a heroine should be. She is strong, brave, intelligent and even though at times she does have help she is very independent. Some of the scenes and trauma Elle goes through in this book had my stomach dropping and i found it impossible to put down my kindle. Fractured is an amazing continuation in this fantastic series and each book just keeps getting better. There are a few possible romantic possibilities and I have to say i do have my own favourite for Elle's happy ever after. However, I love that the story doesn't revolve completely around romance as if you were in Elle's situation the first thing on your mind should be survival. I cannot wait to see what comes next in the series as Elle and all the rest of the characters certainly have a war coming and nobody knows who they can trust. 

I really do recumbent this fantastic book as well as the rest of the series.

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