Friday, 27 November 2015

Ask Me Something (The "Something" Series #2) by Aubrey Bondurant

How do you ask the question, when you know the answer may change everything?

Sasha Brooks has been focused on one thing her entire life: her career. Newly promoted as the vice president in a New York advertising company, she has beauty, brains, and one hell of a fierce reputation. But she also has a secret that she keeps carefully guarded.

Brian Carpenter is finding out that managing his newest VP isn't without its challenges, but when it comes to Sasha, he'd expect nothing less.
His easygoing personality and Southern charm are the yang to her yin and the calm to her storm. 

Over the last eight years of their friendship, the flirtations, innuendos, and chemistry have almost led to more, but Sasha has convinced herself they're better off just friends.
Until the moment she thinks he's with someone else. 

Is she too late to admit her feelings? 
Gathering the courage to ask the question, Sasha discovers she isn't the only one keeping secrets. 

You think you know someone....


I received a copy of Ask Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant  in exchange for an honest review.
A seriously hot, fantastic book. Aubrey Bondurant has really outdone herself. I loved Sasha, she is such a strong heroine and she never backs down from a challenge. Brian is a man who is "dominant" is a great match for Sasha, even though he does mess up a little it's clear to see how much they mean to each other. They have been friends for 8 years and watching them take the next step in their relationship and what that entails was breathtaking. There is also a lot of humour woven throughout the story which i think is brilliant and really shows how strong their friendship was to begin with.
Ask Me Something is so much more than a BDSM book even though Brian is dominant as it's really a friends to lovers book and well worth a read.

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