Monday, 22 February 2016

Divided by Ivy Stone

We were strangers.
Two people on different paths that were never meant to cross.

He saved me.
I ruined her.
We had no control. 
We were powerless against fate. 
It wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t right, but it was real.
Ours was a toxic love. So lethal it was destined to ruin us both, and it did. In the end, everything went wrong for all the right reasons. 
Our lives divided. But our love would be infinite.

A forbidden crush.
A destructive romance.
A fierce love.

Roamyn & Alison
An Unguarded Novel 

I received a copy of Divided by Ivy Stone in exchange for an honest review.

This book is 100% heartbreaking and soul destroying. The pain and sadness Ali suffers will truly make you cry your eyes out. 
This book is angsty and gritty but when  Roamyn and Ali get together their chemistry will set fire to your kindle. 

Ivy Stone has shocked me and broken me. However, Ivy knows how to put a person back together and that is what will stay with you long after you finish this wonderful story. 

I was completely entranced by this slow burn romance and you will fall in love with the characters almost effortlessly. 

I would certainly recommend this book and the amazing author behind it.

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