Friday, 12 February 2016

The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains #1) by S.J. Valfroy

Have you ever wondered why villains are what they are? Is a villainous heart instilled at birth, or do decisions and actions warp a good heart into a villainous one?  
You have certainly already heard of the Sea Witch, but do you know her real story? 

Though she works as a palace maid, Serena is no ordinary mermaid. From birth she manifested the magical powers of a sea witch, just like her mother, Moira. But Serena does not want to be like her mother, cruel and selfish, so she rejects her magical powers. At least until her ever growing love for the unattainable Prince Triton pushes her to her breaking point. Just when it seems he’s taken notice, that she could actually win his heart, his mother, Queen Amphitrite, makes it clear her son will never marry a palace maid, much less the daughter of a sea witch with a seedy reputation. Serena’s dreams are slipping through her fingers, and she must decide if she is willing to embrace her magical powers and take her dreams by force. Magic could solve all her problems, or so she thinks, but at what price?


I received  this book as apart of the buddy read with the YA Buddy Read Corner, given by the author with the request for an honest review.

I adored this beautiful tale and reimagining over the beautiful classic that is The Little Mermaid. You are taken on a journey that leads you back to the very beginning. Serena is the daughter of Moira the most evil sea witch in the ocean.However, Serena doesn't want to be evil like her mother there is a bit of a issue though as she is in love with Triton . She will absolutely do anything to get him. The big problem is he is Royalty and she is a maid. In her misguided love for him she asks her mum to make her a spell so he will fall for her. The catch is it can be broken my True Loves Kiss.

Serena is such a naive girl, even though her actions are evil she only ever did them for love. You feel such empathy towards her as The Sea Witch is written so beautifully that when her heart brakes, so does yours. And honestly When it comes to Triton I probably would have rained down some evil magic on him as well. This story is so sad but it is a stunning read and I most certainly recommend it.

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