Monday, 29 February 2016

Sticks (Black Addiction #2) by T. Gephart

Kenzie Clark had made plenty of mistakes. Who cared? Life was all about the journey, and if you couldn’t enjoy the ride then what was the point. The tough-talking guitarist from Brooklyn, NY worked hard so she could play even harder. But some mistakes weren’t so easy to walk away from. Joey Shaw, drummer for Black Addiction, was exactly that kind of a mistake.

How could one night of fun turn into a life long commitment? That’s exactly what Joey was asking himself when Kenzie showed up a few weeks later—the soon-to-be baby bump with his name written all over it. He could barely tie his shoes; how in the hell was he going to raise a kid?

With neither of them ready to become parents, it was always going to be a difficult, but there was no way either of them were walking away. Come hell or high water, they were having this baby—together.

Hopefully they would both be still standing by the birth.

I received a copy of Sticks by T. Gephart in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book and everything about it. The characters are so multi dimensional that i often found myself completely engrossed in their lives and unable to believe they aren't actually real. The love story is slow yet full of sexual tension and chemistry, T Gephart will have you completely at the mercy of this book. 

This is one of the very few times I have read a novel and have not wanted to change a single thing. Everything is believable but at the same time thoroughly entertaining and filled to the brim with action, mystery, suspense, romance and the perfect amount of Humour. 

I definitely recommend this book and its predecessor to romance fans and anyone looking for a thrilling book with a heart of gold.

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