Friday, 5 February 2016

House of Paine by Kylie Walker

House of Paine is a full length bad boy novel with a HEA! 100k words 

Paige Acosta's world is flipped upside down when she learns her brother Greg, a undercover NYPD cop has died from an accidental heroine overdose. Paige knows this was no 'ACCIDENT'. 

Greg was obsessed with bringing down the two largest crime rings in New York. The Paine and Kramer families. 

Paige is already familiar with the head of the Paine family...he was married to her mother for five years. To avenge her brother's death, she drops everything and finds herself immersed in a world filled with tension, terror and the threat of death. 

Paige learns just how far she’ll go to discover who murdered her brother…and questions how far she’s willing to go with the son of the man who started it all. 

Full length novel with NO CLIFFHANGER. You will find characters from Scarred in this novel. 
Intended for 18+ readers due to violence and sex scenes. 


I received a copy of House of Paine by Kylie Walker in exchange for an honest review.
Kylie Walker is an absolute genius. I loved House of Paine and the characters involved in this whirlwind of a book. This was a brilliant dark romance that had  fantastic edge to it about a woman who is seeking revenge for the death of her brother who was an undercover cop. 

This book is very emotional, action packed, gritty, romantic and even humours at times. Everything you could possibly want in this genre was bundled together nicely into this hot package.
Damien is definitely a book boyfriend with a punch. He's a very sexy Alpha Male who is just trying to get himself out of the life he has been forced to live. His protectiveness towards the heroine will melt you heart and leave you begging for more.
Paige is one sassy girl and even though her decisions are not always whats best, everything she does is with the best of intentions. She is still grieving for her brother but this makes her story arc a beautiful read.

I would sincerely recommend this book and I for one cannot wait to read more by Kylie Walker.

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